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Tricks for Drying Curly Hair (Guest Blogger)

I truly believe that the simpler, the better when it comes to haircare. Especially when styling your hair. Preventing heat damage and creating lasting curls is extremely important to me. I have found that a mix of diffusing and air drying is best for my hair. Your hair may require a less proportionate amount and that is fine, it’s all about what works for you.



DevaCurl Dryer & DevaFuser This diffuser may look crazy, but I swear by it for lasting curls!

When your hair is still wet, gently scrunch your favorite product through your hair. I use a volumizing mousse as well as a curl defining mousse. To help create volume, turn your head upside down while you gently squeeze product through your hair. Let air dry for a period of time. I use this time to put on my make-up and brush my teeth.

Next, gently turn your head down and use a diffuser attachment to spot dry small areas. This allows for the diffuser to create lasting curls and dries faster. Each section should be press by the diffuser gently to your head. Gently dry sections around your hair. When halfway dry, bring head up and continue drying sections.


The Adored Life | Guest Blogging for Loxa Beauty about All Things Curls


If the weather is extremely humid, I apply more curl control mousse and blow dry for 10 seconds. Once finished apply a moisturizer lock in cream such as Deva Curl Moisture Lock. To create a shine, use 2 drops of Deva Curl Mirror Curls and rub hands together, then run hands through hair.

You are good to go! You now have curls that will stay bouncy and shiny all day, regardless of weather.


Adored Life Headshot | Guest Blogging for Loxa Beauty About All Things Curls



Hi there, my name is Alissa. I blog at The Adored Life, a place where I document my outfits and life stories as a student at the University of Kansas. Daily you can find me studying, playing with my curly hair and trying to create the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.

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