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True Blood Season 6 Hairstyle Recap

This past Sunday marked the end of another thrilling season in Bon Temps. This was a messy season, as the War on Vampires continued and most of our favorites were held hostage in a concentration camp for vamps. However, our leading ladies still managed to sneak in some great hairstyles. Check out our recap of their hair evolution from past to Season 6.

1. Sookie

true blood hairstyles Season 6: Sookie sporting a low side-bun at Terry's funeral

true blood hairstyles

We've seen some great hairstyles from our fairy friend through the seasons: curls, beach waves, low maintenance updos, etc. This season, Ms. Stackhouse traded in her flirty blonde curls for the "Low-do". Never knowing who or what drama was going to walk through the door next (ahem, BILL, can you at least KNOCK?!), no doubt our leading lady opted for a low maintenance, yet polished and sophisticated hairstyle.


2. Pam

true blood hairstyles Season 6: Pam escaping the Vamp Camp with straight, volumized locks

true blood hairstyles

Pam has always "glamored" us with her sexy, sinister style. She can pull off a tight leather jumpsuit like nobody's business, but most of all, she has had the most epic hairstyles over any character on the show. From mega curls and volume, to larger than life updos, Pam's hair-dos are just as outspoken and sassy as she is. Fortunately, being a lab rat in an anti-vampire torture compound this season had no affect on her style. Pam flashed her long silky straight locks in everyone's face, which I'm sure is one of the reasons she earned a protected spot in the camp.


3. Jessica

true blood hairstyles Season 6: Jessica confronting Professor Takahashi with seductive waves

true blood hairstyles

Our favorite "Baby Vamp" has been through a lot in the past 6 seasons. While still a tad bit immature and mischievous, Jessica also has the biggest heart out of any of the vampires (except that time she devoured Andy's daughters). But one of our favorite things about her has to be her evolving red locks. From childish tendrils in Season 1, to glamorous waves in Season 6, it's been fun watching her style change each season. While she could have used some of Pam's hair magic in this season's Vamp Camp, we know what Jess's hair is really capable of!


4. Tara

true blood hairstyles Season 6: Tara seeking solace in Fangtasia with straight locks and a center part

true blood hairstyles

Tara Mae's style has evolved more than any other character on the show. From tank tops, jeans, and braids in the earlier seasons, to relaxed locks and ferocious waves paired with corsets once she "turned", Miss Thornton has been one to watch. This season, she managed to consistently pull off a gorgeous, shiny relaxed mane - even while trapped in the camp. As Pam's progeny, we're not surprised she taught Tara well in the hair and beauty department.



5. Nora

true blood hairstyles Season 6: Nora sporting a flawless lob while dodging vamp-hating government officials


true blood hairstyles

Eric's lil' sis Nora captivated us the moment she stepped on the scene in Season 5. This passionate vamper made the "Lob" go from cute and sophisticated to ultra sexy. We love the subtle variations of her hairstyle: side part, center part, curled ends, and bangs pulled back. Unfortunately, Nora was victim of one of the cruel acts of the camp and died late in the season. She will be truly missed, along with that gorgeous head of hair.


Even though the season ended with quite a few upsets, we're still waiting on pins and needles for Season 7. Equal parts for the story line, fashion, hair, and to see if Pam actually saved Eric from Godric-style death. (I'm trying not to believe he might be dead.)

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