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Try a Tress Rehearsal

A big event is never the right time to try a new 'do. What if you hate your style but don't have time to change it? Or worse... what if you run out of time in the middle of styling? Such a risk! It stresses me out to even think about it! 

Lucky for us, potential hair disasters can easily be avoided with a tress rehearsal! What is a tress rehearsal you ask? A tress rehearsal is a practice run of a hairstyle you've never tried before. Practicing your style beforehand is a MUST if you plan to do your hair yourself. Don't get discouraged if you need to practice more than once. Practice makes perfect!

chanel imag getting hair done tress rehearsal

If you're heading to your usual hairstylist that knows your taste and understands your needs, you are probably safe to skip the tress rehearsal. We always recommend bringing in a picture of your desired 'do. Aligning your vision is key to getting the exact style you crave!

lacey at salon

Here's where you can exercise your master of the multi-task! Don't waste your practice hairstyle spending a night on the couch. Plan a date night or dinner with your girlfriends to show off your style!

Bride to be? Many stylists offer a tress rehearsal as part of your big day package! Check in with your stylist to see what he/she can do to help you prep for your big day.

Anastasia Soare working with a client at her salon

To get the most out of your tress rehearsal, try on your outfit, jewelry, and make-up, too. Not only will you perfect your style, but your confidence will soar! And we all know -  confidence is the best accessory of all.

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