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Get Noticed in 2013: Turban Trends

Want to turn more heads this year? Turbans are a fashionable hair accessory that will certainly get you noticed in 2013. This style trend has been around for decades. In fact, turbans were spotted in the 1940s and celebs like Barbara Streisand and Bianca Jagger made the trend popular again in the 1970s.

Flash forward to 2013 and woman are still spicing up their outfit with turbans.

The one and only Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) rocked turbans in Sex & the City 2.

Kim Kardashian's older sister, Kourtney, was spotted in a beautiful blue turban that matched her outfit perfectly.

You can dramatically transform for outfit for plain to chic by wearing a turban as your hair accessory.

So, what turban style is best for you? Let’s review a few options for the upcoming year:

Winter Turban:

Keep your head warm this winter by opting for a turban instead of a winter hat.

Don't let your hair length stop you for experimenting with turbans. As you can see in the picture to the left, short hair and bangs are still great for a turban pairing.

Bring a friend shopping with you or tweet us @loxabeauty and we will let you know what you think of your new turban before you buy!

If you're torn on what color to get, find an outfit that you love and then find a turban to compliment your shirt or pants. Play around with different patterns and designs.


Spring Turban:

I'm in love with this floral-patterned turban! Best of all? It's a headband, which makes it perfect for a Spring day.

Wear this turban when heading to brunch with your girls or during a shopping trip to an outdoor mall. If you're feeling fashionable while doing your Spring Cleaning, this turban is a perfect accessory to clean with style. Hey, you never know who will come knocking by your door...

Instead of tying your turban under your hair or in the back, consider using a knot in the front like the model to the left.


Summer Turban:

It's summer. You're hot. Your hair is sweaty and sticking to your head. What should you do!? Well my friends- that's when you bust out your summer turban! Cover up your sweaty, flat hair with a turban.

Ready for a day at the pool or the beach? Leave your beach hat at home and wear a turban instead! The hair accessory will keep your head cool from the warm sun and you'll still look fab-u-lous.



Don't know if you're ready to purchase a turban? Turn one of your fashion scarfs into a turban like so:

Have I convinced you to embrace turbans this year? If so, share your photos with us on Facebook or tag us in your instragram posts. We'd also love to see what styles you're pinning on Pinterest.