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Two Steps To a Week of Manicure Perfection

Two Steps To a Week of Manicure Perfection

A good manicure can completely change your week! Depending on your busy schedule,  a no fuss week long wear manicure can make your beauty routine easier.

To get a perfect manicure that lasts for over a week, follow these two easy steps with CND's Vinylux.

Most of the time a perfect manicure requires a base coat, a polish and then a top coat. But with the CND's Vinylux system, a two step process is all you need!

Step 1: Start with a Vinylux Weekly Polish - available in a wide variety of beautiful colors. Only two thin coats are needed, which keeps the nail polish from chipping or clumping on the nail.

Step 2:  Finish with the Vinylux Weekly Top Coat. Once this top coat is exposed to natural light it activates this patent-pending ProLight Technology, which strengthens the nails throughout the week, that keeps your manicure looking vibrant.

With this super easy two-step process, be sure to check out CND's Vinylux Weekly Polishes to keep your manicure looking fresh all week long!

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