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Be the Ultimate Tease with AG Hair

Sky-high volume isn’t just for 60s fashion icons and runway shows. This classic mod style has been brought back to life and is perfect to try for your next night out.

Be the Ultimate Tease with AG Hair

What you’ll need to get the look:

AG Hair Bigwigg
AG Hair Foam
Blow dryer
Round brush
Teasing comb
Bobby pins
AG Hair Aerodynamics Hairspray

Start styling!

1. Beginning with damp hair, spray Bigwigg on your roots.

2. Apply Foam throughout hair for all over volume.

3. Blowdry with your round brush to create volume at the root. Use your round brush to create a soft curl at your ends.

4. Once hair is dry and cool, separate the top section and use a teasing brush to backcomb underneath.

5. Pin the teased section back to create a half up style. Leave the rest of the hair down.

6. Use Aerodynamics throughout for a soft but long-lasting hold.

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