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Upsell and Cross-Sell: The Stylist's Guide

Up-sell and Cross-Sell: The Stylist's Guide

Selling product can often be intimidating, especially to newer stylists. Here we break down how to do it without making you or your client feel uncomfortable.

The focus is add-on sales. The issue is pushing products. Why? As a stylist, you’re nervous your guests won’t like it and you don’t want to seem too pushy. But remember – pushing products and being pushy are two very different things. And guess what – your guests DO want product information! So, let’s look at our approach, and learn to perfect the art of pushing products without being pushy.

Take a marketing perspective – here, we want to inform and influence. This is where you inform guests about the great products you are using, and influence them by telling them all the amazing things these products can do for their hair. Turn product push conversations into educational opportunities.

Tell clients about the products you are using as you are using them. This isn't limited to the shampoo and conditioner you use. Tell them about the brand of color you are using on their hair, and why it's the best. Tell them about the heat protectant and finishing product you are styling their hair with. Tell them about everything! If anything, simply so they are informed about what is going onto their hair.

Recommend other products that will enhance and keep color lasting longer, products that will help hold the style you designed for them, and products that will keep their hair healthy until you see them next. In this way, you can upsell and cross-sell by influencing the next sale. You turn the entire experience into an interactive one.

Sign up as a Loxa Beauty stylist, set up your profile, and have clients shop with you online. Make sure you've also downloaded the Loxa Beauty app onto your phone so that you can send clients HairScriptions. It's available for iPhones and Androids.

Did you know 71% of guests say they do want product recommendations? If receiving this information is that important to guests, we have to make sure they leave the salon charged with knowledge (and hopefully product)!

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