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Upside Down Braid Tutorial

In a style rut? Break out with this upside down braid tutorial.

upside down braid tutorial


Note: If you have fine hair or have just washed your locks, start by working a texturizing product (like Sebastian Texturizer Gel) through your strands for extra texture and hold.

1. Pull the top half of your hair up and secure it out of the way with an elastic.

2. Flip your head over. Take a small piece of hair from the nape of your neck.

3. Separate the section into three small pieces, then start French or Dutch braiding up toward the top of your head. (Need a refresher on braiding? Check out this French braid tutorial or this Dutch braid DIY!)

4. When you've incorporated all the hair from the bottom half of your head, tie the braid with a clear elastic.

5. Flip your head back upright, then gather all of your hair (including the braid) into a high pony.

6. Wrap the ponytail into a top knot, then secure with spin pins or bobby pins. Hairspray that baby with some Sebastian Shaper and...voila! Easy, summery style.

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