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Why You Should Consider Using a Silk Pillowcase

We've all heard this age old tip, but have any of you sleeping beauties actually tried it? You should! Here is the low-down on why you should consider using a silk pillowcase.

sleeping on a silk pillowcase

If you struggle with damage (and who doesn't sometimes?!), using a silk pillowcase helps prevent knots and breakage. Tossing and turning can turn your hair into a tangly mess. Using a silk pillowcase allows your hair to move fluidly and with less friction.

The benefits of a silk pillowcase don't stop with silky locks! It also helps your skin retain moisture and elasticity, which ultimately means less wrinkles. Because silk pillowcases don't trap heat the way cotton does, your pillow will stay cooler throughout the night. Is there any better feeling than a cool pillowcase on your skin?

sleeping on a silk pillowcase

While soft and smooth, satin pillowcases don't have the same effect. Stick with real silk to achieve optimal results. A silk pillowcase will run you around $25 and are surprisingly low maintenance. So hit snooze, baby!

Not into the pillow swap? Product can work just as well. Consider a smoothing balm like Wella Flowing Form Smoothing Balm.

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