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Vampire Diaries Hair 101

Vampire Diaries HairClass is in session for the 411 on the luscious locks of the Vampire Diaries stars, Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett, and Caroline Forbes. Set in the dreary town ofMystic Falls, Vampire Diaries follows Elena Gilbert, a teenage girl stuck in a love triangle with the Salvatore brothers. What makes this story unique? Both boys are vampires, as is Elena's best friend Caroline. Not to mention, Elena has a ruthless vampire doppelganger named Katherine set on making her life miserable, another best friend who is a witch and a brother who sees dead people. Juicy. I know.

So here's the thing. I could totally watch Vampire Diaries just for the plot, in fact I do (slight unhealthy obsession). However, aside from the go-there story line, there is even more go-there hair. From Elena's simple middle part to Caroline's beachy waves, the ladies of the show make a statement: They know good hair.

Elena Gilbert hairElena Gilbert
Played by Nina Dobrev, Elena is a strong-hearted 18-year-old. Although she has a fairly bold personality, she tends to stray away from sparkles and glam, dressing both modestly and subtlety. Her simple middle part reflects her lack of glam without failing to fit her character to a T. While this might be a turn off to some, I see Elena’s layered locks to be a key player in the middle part comeback. She has had virtually the same style since season one in 2009, and the middle part is more recently creeping back onto the heads of many women. Note: I suggest this style because it is extremely easy to transform and experiment with.

Katherine Pierce hair

Katherine Pierce
Nina doesn't just play protagonist Elena Gilbert on Vampire Diaries, she also steps into the sultry and seductive shoes of Katherine Pierce, vampire (with a terrible attitude). Katherine's hair just might be the only things viewers actually like about her. But honestly, you can't deny that her long, messy curls scream for replication. To get a versatile style like Katherine and Elena's simply ask your stylist to cut well-blended short layers with pieces framing your face, part it down the middle and use a texturizing cream like Paul Mitchell Wax Works.

 Bonnie Bennett hair

Bonnie Bennett
Bonnie is just as bold as the various hairstyles she has rocked through the seasons. From simple straight to blunt bangs to voluptuous curls, this spunky witch has done it all (and has done it well!). Her tighter curls and side swept bangs create softer lines on her face, as opposed to hardening it like blunt bangs would. This style is perfect for women with a square face or a solid jaw line. If you want to create a sassy look like Bonnie's (perfect for a night out on the town, ladies!), I recommend using an iron with a smaller barrel as well as utilizing a curl defining product. My favorite is OSiS Twin Curl Curls 2-Phase Curl Cream. It seals hair against humidity reducing frizz while creating a long lasting shine on hair.

Caroline Forbes hairCaroline Forbes
She may have a bloody mouth and fangs, but you can't deny Caroline's hair looks fabulous even in her darkest moments. One of this drama queen teen turned vampire's best features is her always glowing blonde locks. Every episode Caroline looks completely professional, cute, and fun with her mid length layered curls. To get a look similar to Caroline's, wrap hair around the curling iron away from your face rather than upwards or towards it. Also, be sure to use a spray with thermal protection to help hold the curl! I recommend Rusk Designer Collection Thermal Shine Spray. This style looks great straight, too, but to enhance the style texturize your hair with a curling iron, wrapping larger sections around the iron to give body to your tresses.

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