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How To: Victory Rolls

Bring the 1940s back to life with a fresh take on an iconic hair style: the victory roll.victory rolls tutorial -

Victory Rolls Tutorial

What you'll need:
- Four to six bobby pins
- Teasing comb or brush
- Hairspray

Let's get started.

victory rolls tutorial

1. Part your hair on one side. Section off a piece of your hair from the right side of your head, making a triangle from your part to your crown and down to your ear.

2. Evenly coat the section with hairspray, then gently tease the underside (toward your part).

3. Starting in the middle of the section, wrap the end of your hair around your finger counter-clockwise around your finger.

4. Gently take your finger out of the middle of the roll, being careful to keep the roll in tact.

5. Finish rolling the strand until it's against your scalp. Bobby pin in front and in back of the roll to secure against your scalp.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 on the left side of your head to complete the main roll. This time, instead of creating the roll parallel with your scalp, roll your hair so it's approximately 45 degrees with your scalp (so the top is facing slightly backwards, as shown).

7. Hairspray that baby and...voilà!

victory rolls tutorial -

Pair this look with some winged eyeliner and a bold red lip.

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