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3 Major Reasons To Wash Off Your Makeup

Lets "face" it - long days and late nights can leave your bedtime ritual feeling like a dreadful chore rather than a benefit. But you might want to think twice before you skip out on the brief 2-minute routine of washing your face. Here's why...

not washing off your makeup

1. Bacteria. How many times a day do you touch your face? Probably more than you realize! The average person touches their face 1,000+ times per day. In between, we pick up germs and bacteria from everything else we touch and transport it right back to our face. Scary thought, huh? These germs can get trapped in your pores causing acne and other rashes. Wash those intruders off before your zZzZz's!

Why You Should Wash Your Face

2. Wrinkles. For our younger readers - we realize that the last thing on your mind at 3am is giving your face a good rinse to prevent wrinkles. But preventative maintenance is key for healthy and youthful skin in the years to come. When your head hits the pillow, your skin goes through a renewing process. In order for that to happen, your skin needs to be able to absorb oxygen through the pores. If the pores are blocked by dirt and/or makeup, it deprives your skin cells of the much needed nutrient and enlarges the pores - which do not bounce back easily over time. This also speeds up the breakdown of collagen in your skin, making premature aging strike early. Yikes, ladies! What sounds more unappealing? 2 minutes to wash your face or adding on the years when you don't?

3. Free radicals. Believe it or not, pollution has harsh effects on your skin. We don't ever see these invisible contaminants, so we often forget they exist - let alone realize they can harm our skin. Free radicals attack healthy skin cells, leaving them damaged and therefore speeding up the aging process. The cure? SURPRISE: Washing your face! A good scrub at the end of the night will help wash away all of those harmful infiltrators! Loading up on antioxidants, like blueberries, will also help repel the effects of the radicals. Pretty rad, huh?! For more beneficial nutrients to stock up on, check out these Top 5 Superfoods For Healthy Hair.

Wash off your makeup

Ladies - when it comes to your skin, do not take it for granted. I did, and then I woke up at 26 with wrinkles I didn't think I'd see for (at least!) another 4 years. Healthy skin is very important, and taking preventative steps now will save you some gray hairs that will match the wrinkles you'll have if you don't just Wash Your Face.


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