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What Has Your Mom Taught You About Beauty?

With everything that our mother's do for us, there is no doubt that we should celebrate moms every day and not just once a year! From skin care tricks to feeling comfortable in your own skin, here are the beauty lessons from Loxa Beauty's moms.

What has your mom taught you about beauty?

Rachel Zajac: My mom always taught me to remember that you are more beautiful than you think you are! Growing up I was always very self-conscious and thought I was the most awkward, scrawny, freckle-faced girl in the world.  My mom pulled me aside one day and told me to remember that I am more beautiful than I think I am.  I've never forgotten the day she said that.  Even though I am often so harsh on myself, as all of us girls are, we have to remember to look into the mirror and see the beauty that makes us shine - instead of nit-pick at the things we think dull us.

Chrissy Colgrove: My sweet, sweet Italian grandmother is never seen without some beautiful red lips a la lipstick. Ever since I was a little girl she has shared with me the knowledge that lipstick, in all its glory, can be used all over your face...not just on your lips, should a makeup emergency arise. Grandma would put her lipstick in 3 places, on her lips, cheeks, and eyes (not all at once of course). But, I always keep this in mind in case I run out of or forget my blush and don't want pale cheeks! It is also great if you want a more dramatic look!

Loxa Beauty blogger Mary and her mom Jo

Mary Landwer: My mother, Jo, has taught me to just be natural and embrace the self that God has given to me. She has never worn much makeup and stopped coloring her hair when I was in grade school (it’s completely gray!). Her beauty shines through her personality and her devotion to doing good for others, and that, to me, is what beauty is all about! It’s fine to glam it up and put effort into your appearance but it shouldn’t overshadow who you are on the inside. It’s a delicate balance.

loxa beauty blogger Nikki and her mom

Nikki Duckworth: My mom has always stressed the importance of skincare. She leads by example in watching what she eats, drinking lots of water and keeping her skin clean and moisturized with the good stuff. My sister and I joke that her bathroom is like a mini Sephora. I suspect that this regimen was passed down from my grandmother because my mom and her 4 sisters all have great skin!

loxa beauty blogger Hannah with her mom

Hannah Shaner: My mom taught me to be a stickler about washing my face every night. I legit can't fall asleep if I still have makeup on, all credit to my mama!

Four Generations of Beautiful Women

Danielle McDowell: My Mom has taught me to always appreciate the 'good stuff' - while there are some wins from the drugstore, they are few and far between.  Spend the extra to get what will WORK and what will last.  She also always encouraged me to try new things and be open to new technologies in beauty.  If you saw her bathroom and the amount of products, you'd understand ;)  Finally, you'll see in this photo four generations of strong, beautiful women.  My great grandmother, grandmother, and mother all taught me that the key to beauty is a happy woman - and to find happiness you must follow your dreams.  If you want it, go get it!  And make sure you're carrying a great lipstick in your purse while you do it.

loxa beauty blogger Megan with her mom and grandma

Megan Giannini: My grandmother and mother are traditionalists when it comes to beauty products. My grandma has always used Elizabeth Arden skincare products and Revlon lipsticks, she still looks amazing. My mother has always worn Issey Miyake perfume and Almay eye makeup products. They've influenced me to embrace my true beauty and skincare is the most important beauty product!

Sarah Frey: My mom taught me the value of taking care of your eyes. She showed me how to carefully remove eye make up with her favorite product Mary Kay eye make-up remover. She showed me how to take care of the skin around the eyes with creams. Most importantly she showed me how to add a little pizazz with mascara, an eyelash curler and eyeliner.

Loxa Beauty Blogger Samantha and her mom

Samantha Harris:  My mom always taught me to own your style. She takes her perfume everywhere, and has always believed that, when  you look and smell good, you feel good. She's also been a big fan of natural makeup. "Mascara, lipstick and a little blush is all you need, sugar!"

Kati Sedun: My mom got me hooked on facial skin care early.  She bought me the Clinique 3 Step system and told me how important it was to wash my face every morning and night before I go to bed.  To this day, we still talk about what skin care lines we're using on our faces, and it is the go-to Christmas and birthday gift that she loves to give me, and I love to receive from her :)

Loxa Beauty Blogger Brendon with his mom, Ginger

Brendon McAvoy: My mother decided to be a hairstylist when I was very young. She has been in the profession for almost two decades and has kept my do fresh for just as long. What was really great about my mother being a hairstylist was the freedom to try new things and reinvent myself through my hair. She is also very open minded so we have gotten to try every style under the sun. She let it grow, shaved it off, bleached it, straightened it and even dyed it bright red. Sometimes I had to learn the hard way that I should have listened to her when trying to tell her what I wanted, but she stood behind me all the way and did the best should could, even when it was against her better judgement. But she always keeps this client happy! Without my mom I probably would have never embraced my unique curly hair style and just kept buzzing it down all the time. I really can't thank her enough for allowing me to express myself through my hair and for always making sure that I always look sharp! Thanks Momi!

Loxa Beauty blogger Staci and her mom Lori

Staci Starks: My interest in beauty began at a very early age, thanks to my lovely mother. She always looked so beautiful, from her clothes, jewelry, makeup, and hair. I remember going through her closet full of funky clothes, shoes, and jewelry constantly and playing dress up because I wanted to look just like her. I like to think that I adapted my bold sense of fashion from her, except for that 80's feather 'fro! The fact that no one has had the guts to rock that thing since the early 90's makes my mom a fashion hero in my eyes. From her, I learned to take risks with style and always remind myself that I can pull anything off as long as I am confident and own the look. So, without further adieu, thank you for instilling this in me, Mom. You are still the most beautiful woman I know! I love you, and Happy Mother's Day!

loxa beauty blogger ashley and her mom

Ashley Sieb: Growing up, I was an awkward kid. I was taller than everyone, including the boys. I nearly outweighed everyone (including the boys again). In fact, the worst days EVER in elementary school included running the mile (I was always last) or the traditional trip to the high school pool for swim lesson (I hated my body). I would beg my mom to call me into school sick and cry myself to sleep when I realized I’d have to face my fear and insecurities. But my mother would always wipe away my tears and told me that my height is what makes me unique. She added that most people would love to have long legs like me.

But then why do some kids called me Jolly Green Giant? Why am I teased about my weight? Because they are insecure with themselves, my mom would say. I am beautiful just the way I am, she would repeat. Love the skin your in! While I didn’t realize it at the time, she was inspiring me to always remember that the most beautiful thing a woman can be is confident. And the most wonderful way to share your beauty with the world is to smile often and share your heart with everyone you meet.

I’m expecting my first child in September. My little Cooper Joe. I hope that I continue pushing this message and inspire Cooper to smile often. Share his heart with the world. Never tease people. And understand that the real beauty of a person is defined by their character.

loxa beauty blogger sarah and her mom, sister, and grandmother

Sarah Eutsler: Don't pick at your blemishes! It WILL lead to scarring. Did I always listen? Well...that's another story. Let's just say mom knew best! She and my sister (who is 14 years older than me and kind of secondary mom when I was younger) are also big on washing your face every night, while my sister could lecture me for hours about wearing sun screen and sunglasses in the name of skin health. Unfortunately neither of them were able to help me tame my hair in humidity back in middle school, as the photo suggests.

Loxa Beauty Marketing Manager Melanie and her mom Wendy

Melanie Allen: My mom is the most naturally beautiful person I've ever seen! Aside from inheriting her pretty skin and thick hair, I've also learned three important beauty lessons from her. 1. There is nothing worse than a chipped manicure. If you can't keep up with your nails, don't paint them at all! 2. If you take good care of your skin, it will take good care of you. Always wash your makeup off and moisturize like crazy. And 3. Find a stylist you love and stick with them. My mom has been seeing her stylist, Sandy, for 28 years! She always says, "Sandy knows my hair better than I do!"

What has your mom taught you about beauty? Leave a comment and let us know!

Thank you to all of our wonderful mothers for everything they've taught us, beauty and beyond! Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Loxa Beauty! 

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