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What Kind of Updo Are You?

We each have a updo we gravitate towards if we are in a rush or just want a stylish change for a night on the town. What does your go-to updo say about you? Here are some personality traits commonly associated with four different types of updos.


What Kind of Updo Are You? - Emily Blunt's Braided Bun

Braided bun- Your style is classical and romantic, and you take pride in putting yourself together. You are very detail-oriented when it comes to creating your over all look--no necklace or bracelet is thrown on by chance. You are not easily swayed by trends unless you strongly feel they suit your personal tastes. Your friends, family and co-workers admire your timeless sense of style.

Style tip: After putting your hair in a bun, apply a gel onto the sides and the back of your hair to prevent fly-aways. A little goes a long way, so use sparingly!


 What Kind of Updo Are You? - Leona Lewis High Pony

High Pony- You are a self-starter unafraid of getting things done. You honor your commitments and your peers describe you as dependable and helpful. You're all about working hard, and playing hard, too! Your personal style is fun, flirty and colorful.

Style tip: To get your hair to the highest height possible, bend your head down and grab all of your hair. After that, bring your hair upright and comb all of your hair together. Secure your hair with two or three hair ties for an all-day hold.


What Kind of Updo Are You? - Jessica Chastian Half-Up Half-Down

Half Up-Half Down- You are a free-spirited and independent. You are known by family and friends as "the inventor" or "the innovator", and you are admired for all of your unconventional ways. For you, style is an experience--you are always trying out many types of trends and making them your own.

Style Tip: Spice up this look by curling your hair (the half-down) before styling. You'll also want to create volume at the top of your head(the-half-up) for a dramatic effect.


What Kind of Updo Are You? - Rashida Jones Pigtails

Pig Tails- You are fun loving and sassy. Many people might say you are childlike, but they don't mean you are immature. They are just commenting on your sunny, warm personality.You love sporty, comfortable clothing, and every once in a while you'll bare some leg or midriff in a sexy yet tasteful manner.

Style tip: Wear your hair braided overnight, then un-braided and comb out until wavy. Tie your hair up in two low ponytails. You can spice up the look further with a flower pin or hair band.

Updo's are great for any occasion. The right up-do is any one that let's your true personality shine through!




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