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Where Do Bad Hair Days Come From?

Where Do Bad Hair Days Come From


Every morning three important events happen. We pick out our outfits, do our makeup, then attempt to create a masterpiece out of our hair. While we have all had outfit and makeup mishaps, I think we can agree that NOTHING, and I mean nothing, makes a morning more frustrating than untamed tresses that will not and can not do what you want.

The worst part of it all? You never know when a bad hair day is coming or why bad hair days even exist. I can't tell you how many times I have stood, curling iron in hand, going over my hair routine in my head, questioning what I could have done wrong the night before.

The truth? I didn't mess up and neither did you. There is actual SCIENTIFIC evidence on bad hair days now - and it just might save you a lot of hair-ache.


3 Reasons for Bad Hair Days


1) Don't Meddle with Metal

A study that was released in July 2013, found that washing hair with water containing copper led to split ends and unmanageable hair. Seems avoidable right? Just don't rub any metal on your hair and you will be A-OK. Yea...except they also found that ALL 450 women tested (from all over the world) had varying levels of copper. You know what that means? We probably ALL have some level of copper in our water playing tricks on our hair. The good news is our friendly professionals are working to create products that will combat copper! In the meantime, opt for monthly treatments at your salon that will keep your hair in check. Talk this out with your stylist to figure out what your need is.


2) Watch out for the Weather

There are different bonds in your hair that contribute to it's makeup. By increasing the moisture in the air, hydrogen bonds within the hair follicle are broken causing your initial style to fall apart. This moisture can be picked up inside your house as well, making your style "off" from the minute you wake up. As you may already know the tell-tale signs of a weather induced bad hair day; curly hair turns frizzy, straight hair turns flat.


3) Steer Clear of Sulfate

If you are using a shampoo with a high level of sulfate, your scalp can become dried out.    Typically, shampoos that get super-foamy when you apply them are the one's you need to avoid (AKA store-bought brands). You're best bet for combating this type of hair day, is to opt for professional products (think Joico and Paul Mitchell). I don't care what you have heard on the street, store-brand shampoos and conditioners are NOT at the same level as professional products. Store-brand (like Pantene) can only temporarily conceal hair damage (they refer to this as "surface damage"), but never actual get to the core issue of your hair. Hence the resulting bad hair days.

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