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Why You Should Get a Gloss Treatment

Gloss treatments are a hot trend happening amongst celebrities and in salons everywhere, especially with the change in seasons.

What is a gloss treatment anyway? A glaze-like treatment that helps improve shine, maintain your recent dye job, enhance your current color or provide a touch of color for uncolored hair.


What is a gloss treatment?


Why get a gloss treatment, not a dye job? Gloss treatments do not replace the intensity of a dye job, so why even get a gloss treatment, you ask? Here are a few reasons why getting a gloss treatment, not a dye job will be good for your hair this fall.

Everyone loves extra shine: Gloss treatments add a high level of shine to most hair types following the treatment. And with customizable tones, the gloss treatments will enhance shininess of your hair. of  Owner of Bambu Salon, Jennifer Barker agrees, "Gloss treatments are great for providing overall shine. They can even be customized with tone, in order to enhance warmth or even refine it."

Less intense on your hair:  Giving your hair a gloss treatment can be a great way to add color to your hair without the harsh chemicals from a dye job.

Makes your color last longer:  Coloring your hair can get pricey. Keep the color looking vibrant with a gloss treatment in between appointments to maintain the color longer.

If you've never had color:  For those who have never had a dye job, a gloss treatment is an excellent way to add some color without a full-on dye job. Barker agrees, "Because of their transparency, it's a great little kick to either virgin or color-enhanced locks."

Prevent damaged hair:  Our hair can become quickly damaged from heat, color and a lot of products. A gloss treatment has a deep conditioning element which adds a lot of texture and shine back into your hair.

Are you interested in getting a gloss treatment? Find a salon or stylist today!

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