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Why Your Salon Needs an App

why you need a salon app

You have apps for email, apps for social media, for games, shopping, eating and banking... so why don't you have one for your salon?

Technology-savvy salons have been exploring the app world over the past few years, venturing into the app marketplace with a tailored way to directly serve their clients outside of the salon. Should your salon jump on the bandwagon? Absolutely.

What can a salon app include?

Your salon app would be a one-stop shop for everything your clients need, without the hassle of typing in your site’s web address, bookmarking it, or searching for it every time. Plus, it will be formatted for mobile interactivity, meaning it’s 100% guaranteed to look good and be user-friendly from any smartphone.

The most basic info to include is how to contact you - including phone, address and emails. As an added bonus, you can also include a map of your location(s) for convenience and to attract new clients in the area.

In addition, you can include bios and photos of your stylist team, galleries of your work, menus of services and prices, and photos of product collections, like a display of your recent shipment of CHI Shine Infusion spray. You can also include links to all of your social media channels, allowing clients to connect with your latest content on Facebook, advice on Twitter, tutorials on YouTube or informative blog posts.

But perhaps the best perk of the app is the scheduling function, which gives clients the option to book appointments even outside of regular business hours, all from the palm of their hand.

How do you get one?

There are several free app builders available online, the most popular being AppsBar. The pros? It’s free and simple to use, and can get your app out there for you to promote in no time. It's a great, risk-free way to test out the app world. The cons? It doesn’t give you full control over appearance, meaning you might not be able to customize it exactly how you like - and it will probably look similar to other apps created through the service.

If you don't feel comfortable building your own, or you want complete control over customization and branding, another option is to hire an app development company or a freelancer.

Want to use an app to aid your stylist career?

Keep a look out for the soon-to-launch Loxa Beauty app, the perfect way to manage your clients and career right from your phone or tablet - making it easy to get the info you need in your styling station. This app will work with Loxa Beauty’s online platform, letting you write Hairscriptions (hair product recommendations) for clients right from the app that will help land you commissioned sales. In addition, you’ll be able to easily access client contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers. Learn more about how Loxa works in this video.

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