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Should Women Shave Their Faces?

Should Women Shave Their Faces

No doubt you've heard of the new face shaving trend hitting the streets. Whether it's a new trend or an old beauty secret no one's talked about (it is - reportedly Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor shaved their faces), there are definite pluses in this hush-hush beauty regimen.

1. It Exfoliates

Much like its affect on your legs, shaving helps remove dead skin cells which can cause clogged pores and dry skin. It also provides a smoother canvas for makeup application. This exfoliation also gives you a wonderful glow and helps with anti-aging.

2. You Won't Grow a Beard

Contrary to popular belief, you won't grow a beard and your hair won't grow in thicker or darker. Think logically - does the hair grow back more intensely after shaving other areas of your body?

3. A Poor Man's Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a spa treatment in which you rid the face of dead skin cells while also removing peach fuzz. While actual dermaplaning should be left to the professionals, this is a very similar process that you can get at home.

4. Less Irritating

For those with sensitive skin, waxing might not be an option. Hot waxes and allergies can leave your skin red and irritated. While it may still irritate those with extremely sensitive skin, many women find shaving a more viable and less painful option.

While it's not for everyone (don't do it if you're not comfortable), for those who chose to do it all you need is a razor. While some women prefer to wet shave with shaving cream, it's also perfectly fine to drive shave. Just remember to moisturize afterwards (try Satin Smooth Day/Night Moisturizer or Sorme Mineral Moisture Cream).


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