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Women’s Hair Trends for the Fall of 2013 (Guest Blogger)

This post and all photos provided by the hair experts at Chicago's Philip James Salon. Connect with them on Facebook.

Although New York Fashion Week is at its end for another season, it left in its wake not only new fashion trends but plenty of ideas for fall hairstyles. And the good news is, a lot of the popular hairstyles from the runway are easy to get and maintain without spending tons of money. If anything, there was a general trend of “less is more.” Here’s a preview of a few of the looks that you’ll likely start seeing on the street this fall.


hair waves by Philip James Salon

Rich waves. The ‘80s and ‘90s are seeing something of a revival in fashion right now, and that extends to hairstyles as well. Large, loose waves with lots of volume—the kind that were popular in the ‘80s and early ‘90s—are experiencing a comeback. The look is almost the complete opposite of the vintage-inspired pin curl look that has been popular in recent years. Instead of setting your hair in tight rollers, use the largest barrel curling iron you can get your hands on to give yourself thick, luxurious waves.

Slight wave. Every style has its antithesis, and in contrast to the voluminous hairstyles we saw on the runways this fall, there was also a strong showing of no-fuss hair with a slight wave. The look is meant to look natural; if you have long hair, you can wear it down with a slight wave on the lower half.


low ponytail by Philip James Salon

Low ponytails. This year, the low ponytail is one of the most stylish ways to pull your hair away from your face. Tie the ponytail at the nape of your neck, and either flat iron it to get a sleek look, or use a curling iron to give it a slight wave. Make sure that the ponytail isn’t tied too tight, though; this isn’t good for your hair and can give you a “pinched” look.

Faux bangs. Although bangs are always a great youthful look, they can be a pain to maintain and an even bigger pain to grow out. Luckily, you can create the illusion of asymmetrical bangs by creating a low side part and sweeping the longer front section of your hair across your forehead.

Rounded bangs. Of course, if you already have bangs, there are ways to update that style as well. Try rounded bangs that are slightly (or dramatically) longer on the sides to frame your face. Make sure that after you wash your hair, though, you are blow-drying your hair and brushing your bangs in the direction you want them to go to train them to lie the way you want.

Sleeked back. If you’re looking for a really modern look, try wearing your hair sleeked back, as many runway models and celebrities have been doing this season. The advantage of this style is that it gets your hair out of your face and emphasizes your facial features while also showing off your hair’s length. To get the look, first put your hair in a ponytail and apply dry wax to all the hair above the tie. Then spray multiple layers of a light-hold hair spray over the top or your head, take out the hair tie, and brush the ends out.


braids by Philip James Salon

Braids. Braids have been all over the fashion world this fall, but don’t just settle for a single plait down your back. Try a side braid, a regal-looking crown braid going over the top of your head, or a knotted bun. You can also create a “hidden” braid by wearing your hair down, then taking a small section to the side of your part and braiding it. Finish with a hair tie, and leave a few inches at the bottom loose.

Pixie cut. Those women with shorter hair shouldn’t feel left out; the pixie cut is still a very popular look, as proven by the many celebrities who are currently rocking shorter cuts. The great thing is that you can wear a pixie cut in a variety of ways, from choppy to sleek to side-swept to just about any look you can think of.

Punk. For those who want a more edgy look, try short, uneven cuts, bright dyes, and different-colored streaks in your hair. It’s certainly a way to make a statement for the fall of 2013.

Headbands and barrettes. Headbands and barrettes will be popular this fall, but with a slight twist. Wear these feminine, delicate accessories with a messy hairstyle, such as waves or a loose bun, to create an interesting contrast.

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