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Boat Shoe Buffy

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Boat Shoe Buffy is the perfect coral creme to show off your toes.


Venique's On The Fringe Collection brings you the perfect amount of pop to liven up your look. Vivid, runway-inspired shades with a long-lasting finish. A collection that will fling into spring. Colors are inspired by geometric shapes and daring patterns that bring native influences into modern fashion. This hip collection will boldly accessorize the latest spring ensembles.

Venique worked with professionals to build the PERFECT formula – selecting innovative ingredients and rich-color pigments. Only the BEST cutting-edge colorants and glitters were used to create shades ranging from natural to rock star glam, and classical to stunning glitters and frosts. There is no boundary on the technology Venique can provide!

Venique’s unique ergonomic bottle makes it easy to give a perfect manicure every time. Its luxuriously heavy, custom design makes it supremely stable and comfortable to hold. A slightly flared cap allows for precision control. And premium, ultra-soft bristles contour to the nail for the smoothest possible application.



1 out of 5 stars


Jul 11, 2016

The worst nail polish I've ever seen

It looks like the other reviewer and I both got suckered into this awful nail polish and are the first to give everyone the real deal. It's completely matte/flat and has absolutely zero shine. It's also very streaky and clumpy. I'm going to an event tonight so did my nails in my office since I ran out of time at home. Huge mistake. This genuinely "feels" like nail polish that has been diluted with acetone - right down to the icy cold feeling when you put dip your fingers in nail polish remover.

flat with no shine

Jul 11, 2016

Dont buy this

It looks like a 2 year old painted my nails. Had to take it off. It dries matte and does not even look like nail polish. Worst I have ever bought.