What makes a good CBD vaporizer

CBD vaporizers can only be beneficial to your health if they are of high quality. CBD vaporizers are infused with various types of hemp plant extracts resulting in the three types of CBD. CBD vaporizers are either in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate. The major chemical compounds of the hemp plant used for differentiating the types of CBD include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), flavonoids, and terpenes. However, other elements are incorporated to enhance effectiveness and taste. The first thing used for determining the best CBD vaporizers is the raw materials, especially the quality of hemp. The type of CBD can also contribute to good CBD vaporizers depending on the user preference. Let us find out more about CBD vaporizers.

Full Spectrum CBD Vaporizers

Full-spectrum CBD vaporizers are the most common. They are manufactured using all the chemical compounds found in the hemp plant. Liu (2019) explained that full-spectrum CBD vaporizers are believed to offer various health benefits including lowering stress and anxiety. This is due to the anti-inflammatory properties found in various elements including THC. However, there are concerns regarding the effectiveness of full-spectrum CBD vaporizers because of THC, a psychoactive element. It is important to note that the benefits are yet to be approved by the FDA. Gottschling et al. (2020) explained that the only approved benefit of CBD is in treating epilepsy. Therefore, they should be used responsibly to avoid potential side effects such as dry mouth and feeling dizzy. The full spectrum offers an entourage effect because of the multiple chemical compounds of the hemp plant. The entourage effect is the ability of various elements to work together to provide more health benefits than one element.

Broad Spectrum

The broad-spectrum is associated with the full spectrum in many ways. The difference between the two is minor. Broad-spectrum CBD vaporizers entail all the elements of the hemp plant except THC. Therefore, it offers an entourage effect as a full spectrum. However, it is considered a better alternative for those who wish to avoid the entourage effect and still gain the entourage effect. However, the absence of THC should not be a reason for taking too many CBD vaporizers. According to Darkovska-Serafimovskaet et al. (2018), a high intake of CBD has various side effects including feeling dizzy and dry lips.


Isolate CBD vaporizers are unique in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. They are the pure form of CBD. Isolate CBD is void of terpenes, flavonoids, THC, or any other element of the hemp plant. Since it only has one element, it cants deliver an entourage effect as broad-spectrum and full spectrum.

Contributors of a good CBD Vaporizers

The following tips will help you in determining a good CBD vaporizer that would work towards your desires for its;

The method of extraction

The extraction method of CBD determines its quality and purity levels. There are various methods of extraction including alcohol solvents and CO2. Alcohol has gained more popularity due to its effectiveness in large-scale production than other methods. However, it exposes CBD to contamination risks that would lower its effectiveness due to chemical solvents reaction. Mohammadian et al. (2019) stated that most brands prefer CO2 since is regarded as "clean" and effective. CO2 minimizes contamination of the vaporizers and the environment. Therefore, if you are looking for a good CBD vaporizer, consider one manufactured with organic CO2 hemp plant extracts.

Other Elements

CBD vaporizers are manufactured with various elements alongside organic hemp plant extracts. The elements are used for improving effectiveness and taste. CBD vaporizers are in various flavors to enhance the vaping experience and to help vapors avoid the awful taste of the hemp plant. Ensure the sweeteners are all organic to avoid contaminating the pure CBD used in vaporizers. Besides, various elements are used for enhancing effectiveness. The most commonly used element is MCT or coconut oil. MCT oil is an organic element with bioavailability features used for improving the rate of absorption. CBD vaporizers with artificial sweeteners and ingredients are likely to interfere with the effectiveness of CBD oil.

The Lab Results

Any good CBD vaporizers must entail the lab results for helping the users confirm the purity and potency levels. While checking the lab result of your vaporizer, confirm two things;

Potency levels

Affirming that the posted potency levels match the actual ones will prevent you from overdosing unknowingly. Some CBD brands post lower potency levels than the actual ones in vaporizers exposing users to overdosing if they are not keen. However, the Food and Drugs Administration has tried to be protective of the consumers by following up with various brands and warning them against exploiting consumers. According to the FDA, the potency variance shouldn't exceed 10%. Besides the FDA being protective, CBD vaporizer users should be keen and avoid brands that keep receiving warnings about their accuracy on potency levels.

The Purity Levels

Consider a brand that discloses its manufacturing protocols from the seed level until its vaporizers are ready for the market. Good CBD vaporizers are manufactured using organic hemp plant extracts. Besides, confirm it is void of heavy metals and chemical solvents that might have infiltrated it during processing. Contaminated vaporizers are likely to be less effective than pure ones. Avoid brands that have not posted their COAs report and neither are they ready to provide upon asking. Such brands are likely to have unfit CBD vaporizers.

Other Consideration

It is important to assess the brand you are getting CBD vaporizers from. Check on its reputation to ensure it has a clean record with the FDA regarding the safety of its vaporizers and other hemp-based products. If you are buying from the nearest store, ensure it is licensed. Although CBD vaporizers are sold cheaply online, avoid extremely cheap prices since they are likely to be unfit for use.


Vaporizers deliver rapid effectiveness of CBD since it is absorbed into the bloodstream from the lungs within minutes. However, vaporizers can only be effective if they are of high quality. Good CBD vaporizers are manufactured using CO2 organic hemp plant extracts. They are manufactured using the required protocols avoid, with organic ingredients to avoid contamination. Avoid CBD vaporizers with artificial sweeteners and ingredients since they are likely to be contaminated and might harm your health than improve it. The lab results are the most important of CBD vaporizers. Confirm the potency and purity levels of your vaporizers for quality affirmation. Notably, good vaporizers must have lab results.


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